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Company Introduction

Founded in April 2002, Shenzhen Lutong Network Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Lutong Network) is a leading provider of domestic telecommunications and Internet value-added service. In the past twenty years of enterprise development, we have been awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise, Shenzhen Software Enterprise, Shenzhen Key Cultural Enterprise, etc., and passed CMMI Level 3 Certification and IOS9001 Certification.

Adhering to the professional, open, and win-win business philosophy, Lutong Networks continues to innovate around customer needs, open cooperation with all parties in the industry chain, conform to the development trend of science and technology, and provide rich applications in the fields of education, life, entertainment and enterprise industries. Lutong Networks also provides operators with professional IPTV / OTT solutions and operation services, and actively explores in 4K content production, 5G network applications, big data smart operations, artificial intelligence and other aspects. We are committed to providing operators and consumers with competitive products and operational support services to continuously improve the customer experience and create maximum value for customers.

Lutong Network's vision is to create a new communication and living culture for human beings. At present, Lutong Network provides home users with a full set of smart home life services, and has created multiple product systems such as music, education, games, health, and industrial applications to meet the needs of TV users.

We are profoundly influencing and changing the lifestyle of millions of families, and we look forward to using technology to make a difference for a brighter future.

Development History
December: Created a large-screen area joining hands with Mini World
November: Awarded an invention patent
September: Reached a strategic cooperation with Xiaomi Children's Platform
September: Reached a strategic cooperation with Douyu
Jan: Over 10,000 pet agencies cooperated with our product-Animal World  
Discovery product-Animal World Discovery 
June: Reached a strategic cooperation with Baidu Baike
March: Won the “Quality Partner Award 2021” by Hunan Telecommunications
February:Innovative product - Animal World Discovery and
Qingmiao Youshi launched mobile terminal 
Jan: 2022 Won the "Best Product Innovation Award" 
and "Best Market Performance Award" in the 6th Jinping Awards
September: Won the "Best 5G Application Scenarios Award" by Zhongshi Media
August: Obtained an Invention Patent Authorization
March:Launched TV-side innovative product - Animal World Discovery
May: Granted two invention patents
December: 2016 5th Shenzhen Copyright Gold Award
November: Established a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Yunhu Communication
August: Established new media center
May: Granted two invention patents
October: Received the Science and Technology Innovation Award
of China Quality Evaluation Association
August: 10th Anniversary Conference
December: Karaoke products officially launched
on Telecom Malaysia
July: Granted two invention patents
June: Passed CMMI Level 3 Certification
November: Awarded as Shenzhen Key Cultural Enterprise
May: Launched the industry's first IPTV music value-added
product - Karaoke
January: Granted an invention patent
December: Obtained license to operate value-added tele-
communications services across regions
February: Passed Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise
June: Approved by Shenzhen Software Enterprise
December:Won the "Best Creative Application Award" from Zhongshi Media
December:Launched a new product - Zoos Wonder Quest
October:Launched a new project for ShortBox - Qi Guo ShortBox
June:Rated as an Excellent Content Partner of China Radio and Television in 2022
May:Reached strategic cooperation with many well-known Esports Casters
April:Won the "Best Audio-Visual Experience Breakthrough Award" at the 2023
Asia-Pacific OTT-IPTV Conference
April:Launched somatosensory series of games
March:Launch the first innovative online travel product - Travel Tour
March:Won the "Fusion and Symbiosis Award" by Future TV
February:Launched the ultra-casual series of games
Jun:2021 Launched innovative TV product - Qingmiao Youshi
Jun:Won the "Innovative Collaboration Award" by New TV
Apr:Won the Award of "2020 Large Screen Software Upgrade 
and Innovative Application Guide"
Apr:Won the honorary title of "Shenzhen Top 100 Cultural Enterprises"
January:Won the "Annual Excellent Operation Award" and "Best Large-Screen Application Innovation Award" in the 5th Jinping Awards
December:Awarded with "Best Market Performance"
and "Best Product Innovation" of the 4th Golden Screen Award
December: Awarded with China Mobile’s
"Best Digital Home Product Strategic Partner of the Year"
October: 26 domestic offices, covering all provinces
(except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)
July: Shenzhen headquarters relocated
November: Received the honorary title of Shenzhen Enterprise
Innovation (China) Record
December: 12 domestic provincial offices
July: Launched the industry's first TV-end e-sports
business - Game Vision
April: Jiangsu Established TV Value-added Service
Operation Center
July: Launched TV children's education
product - Guoguo Paradise
September: Shenzhen headquarters relocated
April: Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification
June: Awarded National High-tech Enterprise
December: Included in the 2007 Shenzhen Information Yearbook
June: Became a member unit of Jiangsu Communication Industry
April: Became a member of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise
August: Became a member unit of Shenzhen Software Industry
February: Became a member of the City Information Technology
April: Lutong Network was founded in Shenzhen
Social Responsibility
Lutong Network always adheres to the corporate social responsibility concept of “derived from the society and returns to the society”, the social development mission of “providing the best service for customers, building the best platform for employees, creating the greatest value for society, and making the biggest for the country contribution " to meet user needs, create a broader application prospects for the industry, and to undertake the due obligations for the country and society through music, education, games, health, industry applications, platform support and other multi-product systems .
Customer Service
We always adhere to and advocate the continuous enrichment of the product system based on the real needs of users. By upgrading the level of refined operations, we strive to provide users with humanized products and operating experience for their diverse needs.
Value Creation
The sustainable development of enterprises and the economy society complement each other. We always adhere to R & D and the continuously improvement of our scientific and technological innovation capabilities to provide customers, industries and the society with the most superior services, and to promote the socialist modernization unremittingly.
Employee Care
Adhering to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, we have created a pleasant working atmosphere for our employees to improve themselves together with the company by protecting the legitimate rights and interests of them, unblocking career development channels, and helping employees to achieve themselves with a broad and colorful stage.
ECO Development
We always adhere to green operations, strengthen education on national conditions of resources and environmental ecological values, cultivate environmental awareness, and promote green consumption. We actively explore green innovation, support enterprises in green industries, promote the development of a low-carbon economy, and contribute to building a "beautiful China."
Social Harmony
We always adhere to compliance and integrity management. By deepening the concept of social responsibility, we spare no effort to carry out social welfare activities, participate in community construction, and actively give back to society, striving to become an excellent corporate citizen. Moreover, efforts have been made for the harmonious development between enterprises and society, so that more people can feel our warmth.
Company Logo

Company Name: Shenzhen Lutong Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Logo Meaning: Responsibility, Hope, Development

Responsibility: Social responsibility for industrial development, and corporate responsibility for global cultural development

Hope: Keeping pace with the times, constantly surpassing and innovating, technology makes life better

Development: Adhere to the spirit of unity, progress, openness and cooperation, and to build a sustainable enterprise

Mission: Technological Innovation, People-oriented, Dedication Value

Company Vision: Creating a New Human Communication and Life Culture

Contact Us
Shenzhen Lutong Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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